Faculty About Us

Since its foundation in 1992, the Faculty of Economics Administrative Sciences has been attempting to contribute to research in social sciences with various study fields and with high education quality, thanks to its ever improving staff of young and dynamic academics.

Our faculty, structured with an understanding of innovative, student-centered academic education and equipped with a sense of social responsibility, comprises of five main departments: Economics, Business Administration, Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, Political Science and Public Administration, and International Relations. These departments prepare more than 6000 undergraduate students to professional life. Compulsory courses and various elective courses regarding the field of study enable our students discover their own competencies in parallel to their interests and, hence, are directed to field-specific expertise. In other words, the faculty particularly aims to support students' willingness to learn and manage their self- improvement.

Within this scope, our objective is to equip students with critical thinking skills and knowledge so as to deal with social, economic, and political dynamics. We also aim to train creative, flexible, liberal students who respect different views, adhere to ethics and academic values, rely on democracy and basic human rights, and favor public's benefit as well.

Our faculty offers a total of 23 graduate programs in 5 departments in cooperation with the Institute of Social Sciences. Various academics from different faculties of our university offer courses and supervise thesis studies in these programs.

30% of the elective and compulsory courses at undergraduate level are offered in English and a total of five year education is conducted including one year English preparatory class carried out by the School of Foreign Languages.

Our students with sufficient foreign language proficiency are able to carry on their studies in different countries within the framework of Erasmus student exchange or other bilateral agreements. More than 200 students from our faculty have benefited from these exchange programs in the past years. In addition to these programs, the Farabi Program facilitates student exchange between domestic universities.

Double Major programs in Radio, Cinema and Journalism, Public Relations and Publicity Departments within the Communication Faculty are also available for our students to be awarded with a second undergraduate degree.

We continuously keep up growing with the support of our academic staff, students and alumni.